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Hi I’m Val! I’m the Owner, and Head Planner of Perfectly Planned LLC.


Let me tell you a little bit about how this amazing dream of mine, became the best reality!

The journey of how I got to where I am now isn’t too long, but it’s a journey I’m so glad I took.  Being a Wedding Planner was always something I thought about, and I just knew it was where I’d end up one day, it was just figuring out how to get there.  It wasn’t until I was in college, in my guidance counselor’s office and she said “Val, what do you want to be?” I told her I want to be a Wedding Planner, and saying that out loud made it feel so real! 

I knew this is what I wanted, so I gave it my absolute all. In 2011 I took a course to become certified, volunteered myself for friends and family’s weddings, did any research I could find about weddings, stayed up to date on wedding trends, and eventually that year I got my LLC and started my business! With countless weddings under my belt, I feel confident in my ability to help couple's plan one of the most important, and best days of their lives. 

« I absolutely love learning how couples met, and how they got engaged. Don’t be surprised if I ask you how your love story began at our consultation! 

« My favorite wedding trend right now is greenery, and mixing metals. I seriously can’t get enough! 

« My favorite part of the wedding day: telling the couple it’s time to get married. The excitement mixed with nerves in that moment is unlike anything else, and I absolutely adore it. 

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