Why You Need a DJ For Your Wedding

Hi Everyone!

Today I am talking about why having a DJ at your wedding is crucial! There are exceptions however. If you're having a small wedding without dancing, speeches, or an order of events, then having an iPod hooked up with background music is absolutely fine.  

I think some people look at the DJ as just someone who just plays music. So why would you pay someone $1,000 to just play music? A DJ does so much more than just play music! They are also an emcee and will make or break your reception!

Your DJ is going to announce the bridal party into the reception, handle timing, and getting the microphone to the best man, maid of honor, and anyone else making speeches at the beginning of the reception. They will also keep guests informed on what’s happening during the reception i.e. when dinner will be served, if the bar will be closed for dinner, and when dessert will be served. They will also take charge of the cake cutting, first dance, garter/bouquet toss, anniversary dances, etc.  Once main dancing begins your DJ is going to be the one getting the party started! 

There are things that can be skipped at your reception, but a DJ should not be one of those things. 

xo, Val