First Look

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about “First Looks”.  If you're not sure what a First Look is, it’s when the couple sees each other before the ceremony. It’s actually a very special moment with just you, your soon to be spouse, and your wedding photographer.  It gives you that special moment of seeing each other before things get so hectic, and you don’t have another moment alone for the rest of the day. At this point about 75% of my couples are opting to do first looks. 

As a wedding planner, and recent bride, I’m 100% for First Looks. The picture during the first look are always some of my favorites. Another great thing about them is you are able to do all your pictures before the ceremony so you don’t feel rushed trying to get them all done in an hour between ceremony and reception. 

When I was planning my own wedding, I knew I wanted to do a First Look, and my husband was totally fine with it.  But, I had to step back, turn off my wedding planner mind, and think about it as a bride. We had to have a 6:00 ceremony due to the venue we picked, so having even an hour cocktail hour wasn’t an option. We ended up doing our first look at 2:00, and had almost 4 hours to do pictures. it was THE BEST. I also absolutely hate having attention on myself, so knowing my husband already saw me was amazing. 

My husband seeing me for the first time. Red Arrow Photography.

My husband seeing me for the first time. Red Arrow Photography.

As far as it being “bad luck” to see each other before hand… you can make anything lucky or unlucky when it comes to your wedding. This tradition stems from the time of arranged marriages, and not being able to see each other before the ceremony. The brides family would want their daughter to marry into a good, rich family, but they were too afraid that if he saw her before the ceremony, and didn't find her attractive, he would back out- romantic, huh? 

Talk to your photographer, and talk to your future spouse, and figure out if having a first look is right for the two of you. You won’t be disappointed! 

xo, Val