What I would Have Done Differently At My Wedding

So when it came to planning my own wedding, I got pretty lucky because I was in the wedding industry for 4 years at the time. I knew what I liked, and what I didn’t like. I knew what was worth spending money on, and what wasn’t.  I knew what vendors I liked working with, and which vendors didn’t make a lasting impression- you get the picture!

our wedding day: June 20, 2015 | Akron Art Museum | Red Arrow Photography 

our wedding day: June 20, 2015 | Akron Art Museum | Red Arrow Photography 


 There are however, a few things I would have done differently!

 1.    I would have only worn my veil for my ceremony! I wasn’t sure I was going to wear a veil, but I fell in love with how my dress looked with a super long cathedral length veil! I absolutely did love it, and how it looked in pictures.  My problem was, I had my hair done with the veil in by 1:00 in the afternoon, and our ceremony wasn’t until 6:00!  We did all our pictures before the ceremony, and my veil got caught on, and stepped on more times than I could count! If I could have done it again, I would have had it on for a couple pictures, and for the ceremony, and THAT’S IT!

2.    I would have hired a different day of coordinator. Can you believe I’m saying this? When it was time to hire my day of coordinator, I wasn’t at the place in my career I am now. I wasn’t connecting with other planners, and I honestly didn’t personally know any in my area. Another wedding vendor recommended someone, so I hired her without having a connection with her. Very long story short, they were not at my wedding, and I had a last minute replacement.  My family had to do all the set up, and I was EXTREMELY stressed out.  Since then I understand even more the value of our services, and make it my mission to give every couple a completely stress free wedding day.

3.    I would have had late night food! I feel like every couple always has so many ideas, but you simply run out of time. Late night food was something we wanted, but when the day came, I realized I dropped the ball. We probably would have done Swenson’s! 


What are your wedding day regrets?

xo, Val